Taylor Company

We are the exclusive distributors for Taylor Company Products & Parts.

Taylor is the foodservice equipment leader. Offering everything from frozen drink machines to commercial grills and soft serve ice cream machines, Taylor has the equipment you need to excel. With a frozen yogurt machine or slush machine from Taylor, you can serve high-margin, on-trend products like tart yogurt and smoothies. And our outstanding line of commercial grills maximizes productivity and offers the latest technologies in safety and efficiency.

Taylor offers the highest level of quality products and extraordinary customer service. Setting the pace for foodservice professionals since 1926, Taylor equipment offers world class engineering and best-in-class manufacturing. All backed by our Red Cape Commitment, business building solutions and a worldwide distributor network, Taylor is equipped to serve you better.

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Flavor Burst

We are the exclusive distributors for FlavorBurst Equipment.

Flavor Burst is the leading manufacturer of flavor and candy delivery equipment for frozen confections. With Flavor Burst equipment, your existing soft-serve, shake, slush, smoothie, or frozen carbonated beverage machine can serve 8 flavors. Furthermore, you can combine flavors within one serving for seemingly limitless offerings!

Flavor Burst offers more than 40 different premium flavors from which to choose. The intrigue will capture the attention of your customers, but it is the flavor that will bring them back for more.

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Perfect Fry Company

We are the exclusive distributors for Perfect Fry Company Equipment.

Perfect Fry commercial ventless fryers are the best deep fryers of their kind on the market!

Designed as a professional fryer for restaurants and concessions, Perfect Fryers produce up to 90 pounds per hour of perfectly cooked French fries, onion rings, chicken and other deep fried foods.
Perfect Fryers solve all of your deep frying challenges!

  • Perfect Fryers Sit on the Countertop: Saves space and installation costs, and makes renovations a breeze.
  • Perfect Fryers are Economical: You can buy two Perfect Fryers for less than the cost of installing one built-in model. Use the second during peak periods only and save even more.
  • Perfect Fryers are Commercial Fryers: Cook up to three pounds at a time.
  • Perfect Fryers are Ventless Fryers: Built in filtration means no expensive overhead ventilation is needed.
  • Perfect Fryers are Safe and Easy: No exposure to hot oil, no greasy residue in the kitchen, integrated fire suppression systems, just fill the basket and press a button.
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