Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this Taylor Freezer?

A: We used to be Taylor Freezer. With the development of cooking equipment in the mid-80's, our business name was changed to Taylor.

Q: Can I buy direct from the factory?

A: No, Taylor utilizes a worldwide distributor organization to sell and service all Taylor equipment.

Q: Can I get a service or operator's manual from you?

A: Operator's manuals are available. Service manuals are provided to factory-trained technicians.

Q: I need a Taylor thermometer; are you the right people?

A: Taylor Environmental Instruments is the thermometer company. You may reach them at 1-800-225-4834 (toll free).

Q: Send me a current price list.

A: Contact us for assistance with model selection, leasing information, and pricing. Their sales professionals can assist you with forecasting the return on your investment.

Q: Can you fax me a spec sheet?

A: Contact us to have a spec sheet faxed, or Taylor specifications may also be downloaded from this website. You can print a clean original on your own printer. Simply click on the .pdf icon next to the model number to download the PDF file. This file format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. If you do not have this software yet, go to, and download it for free.

Q: Are leasing plans available?

A: Yes, Leasing plans are available.

Q: My electrician is here to wire for my equipment; what power will my freezer need.

A: Electrical specifications for new equipment are shown on the back of the spec sheet. Always refer to the data label of the unit to be installed for exact electrical specifications.

Q: Can I make my own soft serve mix?

A: While some remote areas in the world may choose to make their own soft serve mix, problems with separation and product breakdown usually cause headaches. Dairies and mix companies have the expertise to make soft serve mixes with the proper balance of sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilizers to produce quality soft serve and shake. Powdered mixes are also available, which can be reconstituted with water.

Q: If I get a pump machine, won't that increase my profits?

A: This is a common misconception, that increasing overrun will increase profits. Soft serve or shake equipment with air/mix pumps provide consistent overrun in the product. The overrun in gravity fed equipment may fluctuate, depending on the draw conditions. During low or no-draw periods, the overrun will tend to be lower than normal for your particular mix. During peak, or high demand draw periods, the overrun may be higher than normal. Overrun affects the taste, color and mouthfeel of a given product. Increasing overrun in a product will lessen the flavor and color, and give a light, fluffy texture. Decreasing overrun heightens flavor and color, and tends to be more refreshing to the mouth. The proper overrun should be determined by taste and visual appearance for consumer preference for the mix you select. Overall, mix cost can be easier controlled with a pressurized machine, but the impact is generally less dramatic than expected. Taylor offers both pressurized and gravity to assure providing what is best for your application.

Q: What if I have my own maintenance person service my equipment?

A: Taylor's warranty is valid only if service is performed by a factory-trained, authorized service technician.